How can I deploy a NodeJs backend with a Javascript frontend and MongoDB/PostgreSQL to be scalable and secure?


I am a hobbyist programmer and been working on several projects for a while now. Been deploying to Heroku, AWS EC2 instances and lightsail on the free tier on both providers.

Now I am going to launch one project for production and want it to be scalable and secure.

The tech stack of mine is:

  • NestJs for backend (REST API/GraphQL).
  • NextJs/NuxtJs and sometimes React for frontend.
  • MongoDB (But in future projects might use MySQL/PostgreSQL).

What would I need?

  • I need both the frontend/backend to be scalable automatically depending on the load.
  • I need my deployment to be secure and DDoS-resilient.

Where and how should I make my deployments? Which cloud providers? Or which service that is built upon many providers? I am also a little familiar with Docker but I have no idea how Docker is known to be used for scalability, doesn't it just spawn different containers on the same instance (EC2, VPS)?

Thanks in advance for any comments that put me on the right direction.

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