How do major cloud technologies fit together?

I want to build a private hybrid developer cloud on prem (at home) with open source frameworks. I have been Googling for the past few ours and I am sufficiently confused. This is what I have in mind so far....

I am running windows so my cloud will need to run on hyper-V.

There are a few things I would like to do:

  • I have a couple computers to run this on so perhaps a distributed framework?
  • I would like to also build and run my own webserver with either Wordpress or Plone.
  • I would also like to interface with GCP for availability if needed.
  • I need to containerize some windows applications so containers are important
  • I would also like to setup my cloud for GPU computing and data science applications.
  • I would also like it to be compatible with PostgreSQL and PostGIS and GeoNode for geospatial stuffs.

I realize that is a lot but it is just and idea of the experiments that I would like to run.

I am just really not sure how this all fits together. There is Cloud Foundry that looks interesting but so does Mesos, OpenStack, oVirt and others. How do these fit together with Kubernetes, ZooKeeper, Puppet, Ansible and Rancher? Then where does docker go?

I just want a place to collect all this stuff and have an interface to organize it all. I want to create my own CMS and experiment wit AI. Thanks for any tips!

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