How to optimize storage cost

We are planning a mobile application which is going to need a lot of storage. I am looking at the options of how to get the least expensive storage on the cloud, but cannot really make sense of this.

The average price hovering over 0.023 on GCP/AWS/AZURE. That is like 4.6$ per month for 200GB. First strange thing is that google one is somehow less expensive than that! Isn't that a little strange, that an end consumer product if less expensive than developer products?

Secondly, I browsed a few apps which need storage, and they subscription price is around 6.5$ for 200GB per month on app/play store. Now considering that beloved big giants are getting 30% cut of that, how the hell it makes sense to sell that subscription, and some other goodies, for almost the cost of storage?

What I miss here? I feel like there should be a trick I don't see

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