I want to deploy a webapp to a public cloud – what are my options?

I'm writing a web app for my learning which I'd like to set up with CI/CD, preferably using a public cloud. The front end is React/Redux, I'm still considering what do for the backend, but I'm leaning towards Go and a SQL database (I'm also thinking about Django/Python, or express.js).

Other requirements:

  • Git repository which triggers builds, probably github.com
  • As vendor agnostic as possible
  • Free or <$5/month tier for development

For my background, some technologies I use at work are Gitlab CI, Docker + Kubernetes, RHEL. My work is also beginning to integrate with AWS (though not my department yet), so a slight preference for them, unless it would be much easier starting with something else. I also run my own Ubuntu VPS, so I could do a private cloud if that's an easy option.

For now I mainly want to setup an easy pipeline to build my app from github, then deploy and serve the front end files. What technologies should I look at for that? Any good tutorials to go through?

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