IDG Contributor Network: Analytics drives competitive advantage at Western Digital

You have heard the hype: Data is the “new oil” that will power next-generation business models and unlock untold efficiencies. For some companies, this vision is realized only in PowerPoint slides. At Western Digital, it is becoming a reality. Led by Steve Philpott, Chief Information Officer and head of the Digital Analytics Office (DAO), Western Digital is future- proofing its data and analytics capabilities through a flexible platform that collects and processes data in a way that enables a diverse set of stakeholders to realize business value.

As a computer Hard Disk Drive (HDD) manufacturer and data storage company, Western Digital already has tech-savvy stakeholders with an insatiable appetite for leveraging data to drive improvement across product development, manufacturing and global logistics. The nature of the company’s products requires engineers to model out the most efficient designs for new data storage devices, while also managing margins amid competitive market pressures.

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