Individual VPS or DaaS for a dev environment?

(Nor sure if this kind of post is ok here, or if r/cloud is the better place, so I apologize if this is the wrong place).

I'm looking to set up a personal development environment, and since I'm somewhat resource limited at the moment, I was thinking about setting up some sort of virtual server. I've been looking the big companies, like Azure, AWS, Google, but everything I'm reading is geared toward large scale enterprise deployment. I don't know if the product I'm looking for exists.

Essentially, what I'd like is to "rent" a virtual server, with some version of Windows running on it, that I can treat like it's my own machine, for a flat fee. Ideally I'd like to remote desktop in the same way I currently use remote desktop to connect to servers at my office.

Normally I would just sign up and start experimenting during the free trial period, but based on some of the costs I'm seeing I'm irrationally afraid of setting something up for "free" and then being hit with a $1500 bill after a month because I didn't understand a pricing scheme.

I've looked at Azure Virtual Desktop, AWS Lightsail or Workspaces, Citrix, VMWare, and a million other companies I never heard of until I started googling.

Do people do this on an individual level? Am I looking for a product that doesn't really exist?

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