Is ‘smart modernisation’ the key to transformation?

The endless stream of new and emerging technologies flooding the market is creating a ‘kid in a candy store’ scenario for modern-day CIOs, amid board-level calls for internal modernisation.

Driven by a desire to become innovative, and therefore more competitive, organisations are converting pilot phase trials into real-time deployments to push through company-wide change.

Such plans are well-documented across all sectors in ASEAN, as CIOs assume a leadership position in transformation.

Yet legacy remains the Achilles heel of such transformation, with executives hampered by age-old infrastructure and worn-down systems.

“Most of the companies in our industry still manage a large percentage of legacy systems and services,” said Uli Braun, CTO of Asia Pacific at Atos. “Investing in new technologies is therefore a question of smart modernisation. The return on investment of a modernisation project can be very favourable when taking into account the cost that would be required to refresh a legacy system.”

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