Kubernetes Comparisons

Let’s take a backend with MSA built on NodeJS or Spring Boot perhaps. What are the true differences between a Kubernetes setup and a more SaaS serverless experience with Elastic Beanstalk or something similar ?

Kubernetes should be easier to work because auto-scaling and auto-triggers are default and don’t require setup. EB requires a scaling group and those previously mentioned settings. What about ease of deployment? How hard is it to containerize and deploy with Kubernetes vs EB?

In terms of elasticity they both should be similar, correct? Since EB runs its servers on EC2’s with load balancing and auto scale groups...

Why would someone ever pick Kubernetes or a containerized environment over a managed SaaS? I read somewhere that containers have “cut development time for some apps in half”. Is it really much harder to use a AMI (let’s say with a windows service for your app) with EC2 and auto scaling than it is to deploy a Kubernetes app?

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