Need advice on cloud intranet solutions

My company of around 15,000 employees is currently using Sharepoint 2016, with the prospect of possibly moving to Sharepoint online in 2-3 years. The problem with SP2016 is that we are growing the Emp Comm aspect of our intranet to increase employee engagement, and SP2016 is kind of a dud for power user Emp Comms. Our company moves slow, so it takes a while to get anything done. For example, I engaged Unily for a cloud intranet solution back in late 2018, and my company is now finally considering implementing it. The problem is that Unily looked great 2 years ago, but I am worried about us making a 5 year commitment without hearing some solid feedback from the tech community on your expierence with modern cloud intranets.

Here is what we need our intranet to facilitate:

  1. Modern and easy to update and customize page templates, styles, and widgets
  2. A news feed
  3. Built in system for emailer blasts
  4. Low-tech stakeholders being able to easily update content on their own pages
  5. Regionalizing content for our various region branches
  6. Customizable MyAccount-type pages for each user to customize
  7. The ability to easily add JS libraries, such as REACTJS or AngularJS, and code SPAs.
  8. A decent and customizable search page
  9. User ability to LIKE content
  10. User blogs or micro blogs that people can follow
  11. Content approval flows based on user groups (for approving user blog content)
  12. Integrate with Sharepoint, Teams, Outlook, and other industry standard apps like Slack
  13. Ability to set perms for individuals and ADs
  14. Mobile access and ability to set specific pages to be accessed from outside of the intranet for things like Emergency announcement pages

Nice to haves:

  • Live streaming
  • Text blasts
  • Built-in analytics for page visits, clicks, and search terms
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