Need help on Azure Hackthon!

I work as support analyst in an IT firm. As a part of learning initiative from our organisation, they are conducting Azure Hackthon based on cloud storages by the end of this month. I am a beginner and would like to make use of this opportunity to learn stuffs on cloud in the next 2 Weeks.

Theme: Bringing an idea and sample prototype of searching the content not only in structured data but also in unstructured data (documents, images, audios and videos) across cloud storages.

Need your help, how can I approach this problem set? Where should I start? Is there any learning path you would suggest ? Since it involves processing structured data and unstructured data, should I need to involve big data into this?

I am ready to sacrifice whatever it takes to learn Azure cloud. This will be my first Hackathon I ever participated.

Not sure if this the right subreddit to ask this question? If not, let me know the right subreddit to post this. Thank you in advance. :)

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