Non-technical Cloud beginner

Hi! I’m going to be starting my new role at a Cloud Services Consultancy. I’ll be doing marketing and I’m excited to be in an entirely new industry again but I’ve heard from non-technical friends who tried to ‘study’ cloud computing and said it was too much for them. 😐 (a little discouraging)

Where do you think I should start, or rather, which area in cloud computing should I begin with? I guess my priorities are to understand the benefits of the diff cloud providers, the other technologies that depend on cloud computing, the barriers for companies to migrate to the cloud or switch providers... amongst other things.

I know there are resources in listed in this sub Reddit but want to hear from non-technical people too about their journey into this field.

🙇🏻‍♀️ looking forward to hearing from y’all! Thank you.

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