Private Cloud Recommendations

I could use some recommendations private cloud platforms. Some of management would like to move in the direction of the cloud but is unable to secure funding at this time.

We do however have underutilized hardware that could be used for a proof of concept.

I would also like to evaluate a cloud setup to replace the current onsite equipment configuration at multiple locations. This equipment data feeds going into it from near by locations. I believe most sites have around 250TB of storage and growing as it fills. This load may not be a good fit for a public cloud, if not just because as we already have the hardware.

I have looked a little bit at kubernetes, but it doesn't seem to be a good fit because dockers windows support is limited. The current setup also makes use of windows shares to expose and share data with higher levels. I have no control over this. Docker wouldn't configure a windows share from within the container at the time I tested it.

So, I am looking at full cloud stacks.

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