Question: True Cloud/Stream Gaming a Reality?

Hi all.

This is a fairly straight forward question I think, though searching the net for a straightforward answer is proving difficult.

I am looking for a cloud streaming service, paid or otherwise that allows me to stream PC games. (Steam games ideally) or similar to my smartphone without a PC or laptop.

I don't mind paying for the service, and/or buying the games too. (Example getting a Steam account, buying the game, but it just being hosted, processed and streamed from the cloud).

Almost everything I find seems to just be streaming from a home PC to ones device.

I have no access to any good computers except my fancy(ish) smartphone.

Is this a reality yet? If not then any info or news of upcoming projects would be much appreciated.

tl:dr I want to stream games to my phone without owning a pc. Paid is fine.

Thank you. JR

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