Request for direction: providing data analysis support in the Cloud

I need some direction which technical solution I should investigate.

I am providing data analysis support to several customers, these are small businesses. I currently perform the work with software (R, Python) installed on my laptop.

I want to make a move to working in the Cloud, so that customers can (temporary) put datasets in the Cloud which I need to tweak a bit and then I run standard or customer specific scripts, (to be) stored in a central Cloud location. This generates output which the customer can pick up in the Cloud. Also he/she should be able to do some work interactively by running e.g. macro’s in Excel which tie back to the central (R, Python) scripts.

As customers are keen on working in a secured environment, I need to create separate customer environments and multi factor authentication will be applied for user identification.

Last but not least I want my scripts to be protected. Customers should not be able to touch them or see what’s running in the background.

What would be the Cloud options for me to further investigate? I am not IT technically skilled so the solution should be not too complicated to setup. Any recommendation which Reddit community would cover that solution?

Your help is highly appreciated.

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