Requesting Career Advice

Hello all. I am a recent college graduate with my B.S. in Information Systems. I have been working as a Help Desk Technician for 4 months now, and I have been trying to prepare for my next step. I am extremely interested in getting a job in the cloud. Either as a Cloud Analyst, or if I’m qualified enough a Cloud Engineer position. I started my cloud journey and I am taking my AWS CCP next week. I heard networking is crucial in the cloud field, and I have seen people on YouTube say I need to get my CCNA. I personally do not want to get too deep in to networking (do to lack of interest), and would rather take a more simple exam like Net + to gain the appropriate knowledge I need to communicate when I get in to the cloud field. Do you think it is necessary to get my CCNA? Or could I just get Net + to become a cloud engineer?

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