School Project – Need A Cloud Company That Has APIs For Uploading Docker Images Or Codebase

I have a school project to build a web application. Details of the web application:

  1. Hypothetical users are programmers

  2. User can upload either their codebase / paste in their github repo / upload Docker image

  3. Web app takes their web application and deploys it to some user

  4. Web app returns and shows user a URL

  5. The goal is that the user doesn't have to use the command line whatsoever

I have checked AWS' SDK and BlueOcean.

So far, Digital Ocean's Droplets doesn't fulfil this because it requires the user to ssh into the VM and do all the setting up etc.

I'm still checking out Digital Ocean's App Platform which looks promising.

I'm also looking at AWS and I know that you can create EB environments and apps but still need to explore this.

Anyone got any cloud company suggestions or have experience using AWS' SDK or BlueOcean's API for something like this?

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