Simple service for running computationally intensive code

Hi, I'd like to know if anyone can recommend a service which will allow me to run Python code (including custom packages) on cloud machines, but will handle (most of) the configuration and maintenance for me?

I know there are services like this for web apps which resell cloud resources and make deployment and monitoring easy.

I have code to solve various problems for mathematical research. It doesn't need a supercomputer - think tens of hours on a decent workstation. I have tried setting up Azure or AWS compute nodes in the past - and I've spent hours on creating networks, configuring nodes, etc. I hate doing it and it's a huge time sink and source of errors and costs. I just want an arbitrary machine which can take a python package and a script and give me back the answers. I don't really mind if I end up paying a bit more than the cost of the machine time.

The next stage would be to have basic coordination - ie a list of jobs, nodes pick up the next job in the queue and write the results to common storage. But I can live without this.

Someone must be providing this as a business, right? Thanks in advance for any advice.

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