What is human-centered design? A product framework that embraces empathy

Human-centered design definition

Human-centered design (HCD) is a design framework for creating products, services, hardware and software that are built to meet the specific needs of clients, users or customers. HCD is typically used in technology when developing products or services that are intended to alleviate problems or issues, especially when those problems are health-related.

Whether it’s creating apps that are as user-friendly as possible — so that people will actually use them — or designing accessibility products to address a specific disability or health need, human-centered design focuses on the human first. Instead of attempting to design products or services with profits, savings or aesthetics in mind, the goal is to create hardware, software, products and services that take the human end-user into deep consideration. If your ultimate goal is to create a product that people will want to use, then it will be important to embrace HCD from the start of the development process.

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