Where do I start when wanting to develop a cloud based SaaS product?

Hi everyone,

I am a student of Computer Engineering and looking for resources on how to get started in creating a cloud based SaaS product, with functionality such as:

  1. Monitoring the users inbox such as gmail, outlook (I imagine web based tools would be unable to interface with email clients installed on an operating system but could interface with web based email clients).
  2. Performing an action when a certain email is received. (Such as creating a Google drive folder)
  3. Automatically send text of email based on certain triggers.
  4. Interface with APIs such as Amazon MWS API

I know most of this can be done on Python on my laptop but how do I approach this for cloud based? I have read that Python can be used in conjunction with MongoDB as a documented oriented database, but really struggling to find anything to get me started.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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