Which cloud provider would you recommend for unlimited/cheap data transfer with customizable instances?


I have been building a website using C++ and planning to make it alive soon. However, I am very confused about which company to choose to get a VM.

I will need the VM to be customizable after I create it. For example, I will need its storage to be resizable (in both directions) and I must be able to increase the number of vCPUs or amount of RAM if I the server needs it.

Initially, I believe 1 or 2 vCPUs and 2 – 4 GB Ram should be enough. Of course, bandwidth is also important, but I don’t think it will be very essential to consider this until I increase my active users as long as their bandwidth – in simple terms – is not suffering.

Multiple datacenters are also important but not very crucial if they have datacenters in UK/Europe and in the US.

I know, there are plenty of options and probably AWS is one of the best choices. However, I do not know how much bandwidth I will be using and therefore I don’t like to get charged per GB I send or receive from my visitors.

To be more specific, I will be selling subscriptions to my customers, and I don’t want to get charged for more than I charge my customers. I cannot create an estimation on how much data they can transfer because of the business plan in my mind, and I do not wish to limit them on how much data they can transfer. I also thought charging them based on their usage, but it translates into plenty of other things to consider that I wish to avoid unless I have to.

I’ve been looking at Paperspace CORE, which has datacenters in the US and in the Netherlands, does not charge data transfer, and VMs are customizable after they are created, but them having low ratings or some latency/bug complaints on various websites makes me consider whether I want to try my chance.

I don’t have a high budget, so I am trying my best to “analyze” the market in my way. Would be glad if you could recommend me any providers or share your experience.


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